Case Study

Chord Engineering undertook a critical project at St Helier Hospital, focusing on the rapid completion of a new Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The project was completed an impressive five weeks ahead of schedule, demonstrating exceptional efficiency and dedication under challenging circumstances.


  • To supply and install high-specification security, fire alarms, and data infrastructure in the ICU.
  • To ensure every electrical distribution board within the ICU was backed up by two remote UPS systems.
  • To install 1.5Km of sub mains cabling within a limited timeframe.


  • The installation needed to be completed in a restricted time window.
  • Over 40 cable pullers and electricians had to work through nights and weekends.
  • The cabling installation had to be conducted through live hospital corridors, demanding careful coordination.
  • Strict adherence to social distancing rules was required, adding complexity to the project management.

Actions Taken

  • Chord Engineering deployed a skilled team of over 40 professionals, including cable pullers and electricians, to manage the extensive cabling work.
  • The team worked tirelessly through nights and weekends to meet the project deadlines.
  • Despite the constraints of working in a live hospital environment and under COVID-19 safety protocols, the team maintained a high level of professionalism and efficiency.


  • The new ICU was completed five weeks ahead of the planned schedule.
  • The rapid completion of the project increased the hospital's capacity to care for COVID-19 patients, significantly contributing to saving lives.
  • The project was marked by efficient planning, coordination, and execution, setting a high standard for similar healthcare infrastructure projects.


Chord Engineering's work at St Helier Hospital exemplifies their ability to deliver high-quality infrastructure projects under tight deadlines and challenging conditions. Their commitment to safety, efficiency, and professional standards not only expedited the completion of the ICU but also played a crucial role in enhancing patient care during a global health crisis.

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